Analysis of radioisotopes in environmental samples using the gamma spectrometer

Methods of self-absorption correction, sum-coincidence correction, background reduction for gamma spectroscopy using HPGe detector are developed for precise radioisotopes’ concentrations analysis, improving the ability of detecting environmental as well as artificial radioisotopes in soil, air, and water samples, etc… Additionally, determining the degree of confidence of experimental results is studied due to the support and comparing with simulating results by using MCNP, PENELOPE, and GEANT4.

Analysis of radioisotopes in environmental samples using the alpha spectrometer

Radiochemistry methods and procedures are studied, applied and developed in order to investigate environmental radioisotopes using alpha spectroscopy with PIPS (Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon) detectors. Some studies of this field are: the study about features of analysis system, ranges of alpha particles, the study of creating uranium standard source, proposing optimum analysis procedures, investigation of radioisotopes226Ra in bottled water and210Po as well as210Pb in cigarettes, tea leaves, fertilizers produced in Vietnam.

Analysis of elements in environmental samples using X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and neutron activation analysis.

Analysis of elements for  product quality testing, materials and biological samples, analysis of trace elements in the soil and in the ecosystem components, analysis and evaluation of the toxic elements in food, food, environmental pollution, ...



Figure 3. Sample transfer system in neutron activation analysis


Result of improving minimum detection activity


Result of self-absorption correction


Result of evaluating gamma spectrometry by simulation


Analyzing of 210Po in cigarette and 226Ra in bottled water





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