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  • The international school on "Nuclear and Related Analytical Techniques for the Life Sciences" từ 9/12 ~ 13/12/2018
  • Giáo sư Yamaguchi (thứ 11 từ trái sang) và các chuyên gia, đại học Osaka, Nhật bản, kí kết hợp tác đào tạo nhân lực hạt nhân tháng 1/2014


- Department of Nuclear Physics has a long history associated with the development of the Physics Faculty of the University of Science– Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (US-VNU-HCMC). The department was first established in 1965, named Atomic Department, and belonged to the Faculty of Sciences, University of Saigon. Then, the department was renamed Department of Nuclear Physics.

When a Nuclear Engineering program was established in 2011, the department was renamed Department of Nuclear Physics – Nuclear Engineering. The department now belongs to the Faculty of Physics & Engineering Physics, University of Science, VNU-HCMC. The Department of Nuclear Physics – Nuclear Engineering has responsibility for providing bachelor, master, and PhD. programs specialized in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Engineering. The current head of Department is Prof. Chau Van Tao.

The Nuclear Engineering program (NEP) has first academic enrollment in 2012. The purpose of the program is to provide quality training programs in nuclear physics and technology in order to meet an increasing demand for human resources in nuclear applications in industry, agriculture and medicine. The program also especially aims to satisfy the human resource demand of the government for nuclear power plants in the future.



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